Our firm has successfully secured and returned millions of dollars on behalf business and professional organizations from, sole proprietor firms to Fortune 500 multi-national firms, and just about everything in between. We can start working on your behalf today!


 Common Claims
  • Divorce
  • Inheritance
  • Bail Bonds
  • Bankruptcy
  • Lost Wages
  • Surplus Taxes
  • Address Changes
  • Dormant Bank Accounts
  • Tax Overpayments
  • Misspelled Names

Our agency will perform all due diligence necessary to ascertain that you or your organization is the rightful owner of the identified assets.


Our agency will pay all costs associated with the collection of the identified assets. There are no upfront costs to you or your organization. A service fee will not be assessed unless and until the funds have been collected on your behalf.

Our Strengths


Our services utilizes an extensive, highly  qualified network of research professionals who perform public records search in every state, county and city in the United States to identify unclaimed assets.

Corporate Clients